TraceCorp Solutions offers its expertise in the following business streams:

  1. IT Consultancy and Training Services
  2. Billing, Customer Relations and Payment systems and Applications Development
  3. IT Infrastructure and integration Services
  4. IT Security and Audit Services
  5. IT Service Management
  6. Water Metering solutions & Advisory Services
  7. Utility Process Engineering and development Solutions

The 21st century economy demands re-examination of business models for any company that is determined to succeed. Heightened customer expectations and complex dynamics compel businesses to become lean, agile and Innovative to gain competitive advantage. At TraceCorp, we offer the best-in-class IT Consultancy services that comprise of the following:-

  1. Strategy development and ICT policies formulation and implementation.
  2. Infrastructure (Data Centre, Branch/Office)-Design, Sizing, Performance monitoring & reporting, Disaster recovery and Business Continuity Services.
  3. IT Security and Audit compliance
  4. Business process and Change Management
  5. Project Management (based on PMP Methodology)
  6. Business Continuity Management
  7. Training on All developed business solutions and Industry best practices

Our focus is on understanding the customer needs and expectations, whereby we give advice on how best to use information technology (IT) in achieving intended business objectives. Our expert IT consultants use proven methodologies to help you improve Billing, Customer service delivery, optimize costs, reduce risk, and see a faster return on your IT investments. We ensure that recommendations are aligned to business processes and strategies adhering to best practice in fixing the identified gaps, thereby providing the customer with the opportunity to understand the flawed areas and work with optimal solutions to address the problems proactively.

TraceCorp solutions’ consulting model is designed to make your IT transformation a success by driving greater productivity, flexibility, shorten time periods and improve billing and financial performance and return on investments (ROI) for technology initiatives. We deliver lasting value by aligning IT goals with strategic business goals.

New emerging digital technologies and the discerning customers have pushed utilities into discovering the immense capabilities for improved billing, customer service and revenue collection efficiency and therefore increasingly adopting Internet, Mobile, POS (point of sale) & Agency Banking to take billing and revenue collection services closer the customer to improve customer experience.

This business stream designs, develops, deploys and provides user support to clients by offering integrated billing and customer service systems. We recognize that the key processes in any utility are customer service, Billing, and revenue collection and as such, our team is dedicated to developing the latest solutions to support these core processes.

The business stream develops bill payment platforms that are integrated with banks and other payment ventures, like Mobile Money, Interswitch, mobile banking etc.

The business stream provides solutions that include mobile Android and Windows Application development so as to bring the billing services closer to the customers and also enable the customers to access all their services on the go on their mobile phones. Our team is involved in each and every step, right from analysis, to design, development, deployment, maintenance, training and finally user support so as to ensure our clients get the best experience with our developed solutions.

We believe the team experience make our expertise stand out in consulting, application development, implementing and supporting core billing systems and any of the above mentioned delivery channels

Networks may evolve, but they should always follow business goals and sound network design fundamentals. We believe only then can a network meet the specific business needs of an organization and provide reliable, secure, fast and efficient business communication. Before embarking on implementing any network and infrastructure solution, you need to consider the following fundamental questions:

  1. Where do you begin when you are looking to streamline the data center, implement new technologies and reduce costs?
  2. How do you determine the technologies that meet your business requirements, reduce costs and centralize management?
  3. Can your Infrastructure support critical enterprise applications and provide the availability and performance your business requires?
  4. Do you have a clear Disaster recovery and Business continuity plan in place?

Through the practice of industry best practices and customized design, TraceCorp Solutions Technologies will help you get your infrastructure in terms of both hardware and network ready to support your expanding business requirements. It starts with defining and understanding what you need, what you have, how best to close the gaps and what is the business case for this change.

We provide services from the core network infrastructure (LAN, WAN) to     advanced network infrastructure solutions (WLAN). The following range of services are offered

  1. Network assessment and Configuration
  2. Backup and Disaster Recovery set up
  3. Network Security Detection Surveillance, CCTV, IP UVC and Access Control
  4. Structured Cabling

All business must protect their critical data from threat and damage, whether it be internal, or external by ensuring that a good security policy is in place and security measures are aligned to best practice and embedded into their systems. Mobility, social networking, cloud services and international hacking are growing by the day. Can your security infrastructure withstand? Essential technologies include content security, firewall, VPN, and VLANs. Security solutions that are integrated can increase application performance, save time, and give you centralized control. Our team of experts at TraceCorp Solutions are available to guide and assist you in sourcing for the right solutions that would provide stronger security around your IT infrastructure.

Through our strong partnerships globally, we offer the following security solutions to our customers in the areas of Information Security as highlighted below.

The integration services offerings include the following:-

  1. SIEM(Security Information & Event Management) and Data Integrity Solutions
  2. VAPT(Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing)
  3. Perimeter Security Solutions (UTM(Unified Threat Management), IDS/IPS, Firewall, proxy)

The IT service management stream has been designed to address the following services:-

  1. Project management
  2. Performance and Asset Management
  3. Business Continuity

The overall objective is to improve on operations efficiency and delivery of customer services through an appropriate mix of people, process and information technology. The stream is also in charge of preparing Training and user Manuals, for clients and is equally responsible for providing adequate and reliable end-user support to our clients to ensure their business continuity.

Understanding business processes and aligning them with the right technology is key to the success of any business. This stream takes on the role of understanding our clients’ business, analyzing processes and ensuring that all core processes are properly defined, integrated and align with the technology. The stream ensures that all sub processes are properly defined and where need be, the stream carries out a process reengineer so as to meet customer objectives and strategic direction. The stream is in charge of all process definition, and documentation and works closely with the Applications development Stream to ensure that the solutions designed and developed are concurrent with the processes of the client, as well as ensuring that they adhere to industry best practices and standards.